Team Building Cincinnati

Looking for a day out of with co-workers or clients? Archery Arena is Cincinnati's top destination for corporate team building activities.

You and your co-workers will battle it out with bows and foam-tipped arrows in a private group session. Our arrows are foam-tipped for safety and leave no bruises or marks (don't worry, they'll still have you dodging, ducking, and dipping!) We'll rotate through a mix of games modes that will have your group strategizing together to lead their team to victory!

Our arena holds up to 24 people, but for larger groups we'll keep everyone rotating and active. We've accommodated groups of up to 70. Feel free to bring your own food and drink (BYOB alcohol is permitted for weekday private events only), or ask us for catering recommendations. Bookings can be made online or feel free to shoot us a call / email!

We're looking forward to hosting an event your team will be talking about long after it's over!
Small Group - 1 HOUR
$ 395
up to 16 Players
60 Minute Private Session
10 Minutes of training
50 Minutes of exciting gameplay
Bring your own food/drink
up to 16 players
$ 495
up to 24 players
60 Minute Private Session
10 Minutes of training
50 Minutes of exciting gameplay
Bring your own food/drink
up to 24 players
$ 850
up to 40 players
120 Minute Private Session
20 Minutes of training
Bring your own food/drink
Optional Catering Available
up to 40 Players
Please feel free to contact us at with any questions or for assistance making a reservation!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can book individual tickets,* group tickets, or memberships through our website. You can even check availability to see ahead of time what we have available! We recommend booking a week in advance to ensure availability for you or your group.

*During our reopening after COVID-19, each event we offer is private, and there are no public hours for individual tickets. As long as you've got the minimum of 4 players, you'd be set!
Who can play?
All participants must read and sign our online Waiver and Release Form as a condition to play. Parents of players under 18 must sign the waiver online or on site to allow them to play. Players must be 10 years of age to play.
How games work.
Archery Arena features 60 minute game sessions. This consists of approximately 10 minutes of training and 50 minutes of gameplay. As time goes on the game modes become more and more exciting and at the end a champion will be crowned! When you think Archery Arena, think dodgeball, but with bows and arrows. 
Does it hurt?
No it doesn't hurt! Unlike paintball, the only protective gear that is a safety mask. We provide archery arm-guards as an extra precaution. 
Do I need to find a team to play?
No! You can purchase individual tickets* and you will be placed into a public game with other groups and/or individual players. Meeting new people and sharing a new experience is part of the fun. This game tends to turn strangers into teammates in a short period of time!

*During our COVID-19 reopening, we currently do not offer public hours. But as long as you've got the minimum of 4 players, you're set to play!
Group Rates
Archery Arena is great for team building, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and corporate events. 
See Group Rates. 
Do I need to have experience shooting a bow?
Archery Arena is for people of all experience levels. Your game ticket includes a short training session that will have you playing like a pro in no time!
What should I bring?
- Athletic shoes
- Work-out clothes  
- A desire to WIN!

* For your safety no sandals, flip flops, or open toed shoes are allowed in the arena.