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Where to Host a Kid’s Birthday Party in Cincinnati

If you’re a parent, you probably remember what kid’s birthday parties used to look like when you were growing up. Eight or nine friends at your house, streamers in the kitchen, Mom made a chocolate cake, maybe a pinata in the backyard, and we all played football or hide and seek or pin the tail […]

5 Teen Activities That Make Cincinnati Unique

Today’s teens have grown up in a world full of constant excitement; visually stunning video games, augmented and virtual reality, and multi-million dollar family fun centers are now the norm. Luckily, Cincinnati has stepped it up with a number of truly unique unique, adrenaline-packed activities for teens. Whether you’re looking for an indoor activity on […]
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11 Unique Team Building Activities for Cincinnati Companies

Is your team in need of a day out of the office? Or are you looking for a fun activity to entertain clients? While a dinner, ball game, or happy hour is always easy, Cincinnati now offers a wide variety of unique and exciting team building activities to fit every team. According to the Harvard Business […]

Cincinnati Does it Again

Cincinnati is a city that has many unique qualities. When we think Cincinnati we think of things like,  Graeters Ice Cream, Skyline Chili, Fiona, the first major league baseball team ever, and many other things that are very Cincinnati-an. Archery Arena is proud to be another feather in the cap of unique Cincinnati attractions. Cincinnati […]
Cincinnati Bachelor Party Ideas

Cincinnati’s Best Bachelor Party Destination

Cincinnati is an exciting, and growing city that boasts many infrastructure improvements. These include a new major league sports team in FCC Cincinnati, and an ever-expanding downtown district with new restaurants popping up regularly, and several new entertainment options such as Axe throwing or Nerf Battles at places like Dart Arena. Archery Arena, Cincinnati’s home […]
cincinnati team building

Cincinnati’s Ultimate Team Building Experience

Cincinnati is now home to the only dedicated combat archery arena in the midwest. Combat archery is an activity that combines active movement, team strategy, and a somewhat primal experience that cannot be replicated in any other activity in Cincinnati. Archery Arena in West Chester is often described as dodgeball with bows and arrows. The […]