Combat Archery - Standard Ticket

Sat., Fri., Thu., Sun.
1 hour

Grab your friends and book as a group! The minimum amount of players required for a group booking is 6 players. Booking under this option will allow you to reserve additional weekday hours that are not available under an individual ticketed option. You must be at least 10 years old to play in an adult game and at least 7 years old to play in a kids game. If you wish to book a kids game, either book a private session, birthday party, or call us to make your booking a kids game (minimums may be required) Booking or reservation are required. To play same day we recommend calling to verify availability. You may also make reservations by calling us at 513.860.0874

What's included ?

  • All Game Equipment

What to bring ?

  • Athletic Shoes
  • Work-Out Clothes
  • Contacts best if you wear glasses (not required)

Activity location