Top 12 Team Building Activities in Cincinnati

Cincinnati Team Building Ideas

Team Building is crucial for every work place, and Cincinnati now offers a large variety of unique and exciting team building events for everyone. Here at Archery Arena, we love helping out our local community, so we put together a list of the top 12 Team Building Activities in Cincinnati to help you narrow down where you should bring your team for a corporate team building event.

Team building takes many different forms, strategic thinking to solve a puzzle, to an action packed environment competing against each other. Regardless of the environment, here are the main benefits of team building.

  • Enhanced Communication among team members
  • Creative problem solving
  • A positive attitude surrounding the company
  • Building each other up and supporting each other outside of the workplace
  • An understanding of who your team members are outside of the workplace and a bonding opportunity

So without further delay, here is our list of the top 12 Team Building Ideas in Cincinnati!

Oh, and of course, please allow us to review ourselves as well 🙂



1) Archery Arena – Combat Archery

How does shooting your boss with an arrow sound?

Archery Arena is new on the scene and is the first indoor Combat Archery Arena in the midwest! Nothing says team building like working together as a team inside the Arena.

Combat Archery is a lot like the game of dodgeball, only with specialty made bows and arrows! Shoot at the opposing team to eliminate them, but then also catch arrows to bring your team mates back into the game! Because of the specialty foam tips, getting hit with an arrow feels a lot like getting hit with a dodgeball! Each game lasts for 4-6 minutes and rules change and progress to make your team building game more and more engaging as time goes on!

Combat Archery is an incredible tool for team building!! Combat archery is perfect for company team building activities and is an epic adrenaline rush unlike anything you have experienced. Archery Arena is the ultimate team building game in Cincinnati. Bring your team together by playing the fun, fast paced, and addicting game of Combat Archery.

Archery Arena has been trusted for Team Building events by GE, Gorilla Glue, Crossroads Church and more!

Currently rated #1 Team Building Activity on Yelp! Check out our reviews!

For more information and to host your company team building activity at Archery Arena, list the link below!



2) Cincinnati Axe Throwing

Cincinnati Axe Throwing is also a great option for a team building in Cincinnati. Each member of your team will have to dig deep and call upon their inner beast to prove themselves for this team builder. Strength, brains, fancy degrees, and positions in the company are all left on the sidelines when each member steps into the arena. Axe Throwing can be done by anyone of any size, thus an equal playing field for everyone in your company is created where a true exhibition in adaptability, quick learning, and ample amounts of confidence.



3) The Sandbar

The Sandbar has seven outdoor sand volleyball courts and has a few different spaces you can rent to host your team building activities. A game of sand volleyball is a great way to work together as a team and have some fun at the same time.



4) City Hunt

City Hunt hosts a unique team building game, a scavenger hunt! Cincinnati is thought of as the oldest true American city. So what do you picture when you think of America? Tall skyscrapers, beautiful parks, freedom, and of course, baseball will be found on this scavenger hunt of Downtown Cincinnati.



5) Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms are all the rage these days and are a great way to have a fun team building experience! Cincinnati has many escape rooms to choose from so here are a couple to check out! Houdini’s Room Escape- and Great Room Escape-



6) Full Throttle

Full Throttle provides an indoor go kart experience and uses some healthy competition to encourage team building in Cincinnati. Get your teams out of the office and onto the race track. They offer a variety of formats to fit your needs.



7) Top Golf

Top Golf offers a unique golf experience in Cincinnati and would be a fun place to hold a team building event for your business.



8) Lazer Kraze

Lazer Kraze is an interesting option for your team building activity needs as they offer Laser Tag, Indoor Trampoline Parks, Inflatables, Arcades and more (attractions vary by location).



9) Bowling

Bowling is a fun activity for team building and there are a variety of bowling alleys throughout Cincinnati to choose from! Madison Bowl- and Crossgate Lanes- are two great options!



10) Murder Mystery Company

Murder Mystery Company in Cincinnati is a new idea for your cooperate team building event. Having a night of mystery, intrigue, and murder your employees will never forget with expert mystery entertainment provided by professionally trained performers in your office or chosen venue. With so many great themes to choose from, you can’t go wrong!



11) A Corn Maze

A Corn Maze is a really fun way to get out of the office and try something new in the fall! There are many options for this around Cincinnati to take your team! Try out Shaw Farms- or Niederman Family Farm



12) The Art of Entertaining

The Art of Entertaining is a different approach to a team building activity. They specialize in interactive, culinary team building and corporate experiences. Culinary events are a creative way of providing team building in Cincinnati. They customize and design each event based on your team building goals.



In Conclusion,


We hope you enjoyed this list of corporate team building activities in Cincinnati. We hope that you give each of these places a shot at one of your upcoming corporate team building events.

Of course, we also hope you will try out Archery Arena at some point! Below is a gallery of images of teams enjoying Team Building at Archery Arena.

Archery Arena is rated #1 Team Building Activity in Cincinnati

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