Archery Arena is the action-packed experience you didn’t know you needed. Affectionately called “Archery Dodgeball,” the game conjures up the nostalgia of childhood sports – but with a wildly satisfying twist. Just like middle school, two teams engage in a battle of elimination from opposite sides of an arena. Unlike middle school, you’ll take the challenge to the next level using bows and foam-tipped arrows! It’s like the dodgeball you remember – but all grown up.

That said, Archery Dodgeball is great for kids as well as adults! Ages 7 and up will have a blast with the mix of strategy and sport this game has to offer. It’s a workout, so dress for the gym – but be prepared to have way more fun. Player safety is our number 1 priority, with arrows specially engineered for harmlessness and protective masks worn at all times to shield the eyes. These simple steps ensure your experience is safe, thrilling, and downright memorable from beginning to end.


The minute you step onto our climate-controlled, 3,500 square foot playing field, you’ll know you’ve entered the ultimate playground. But at Archery Arena, we don’t expect you to be Robin Hood, so each session starts with a warmup where our trained instructors will teach you everything you need to know before you head into the fray. All equipment (except your Katniss costume) is provided for you onsite.

To keep the action (and arrows) moving swiftly and safely, all of our games are overseen by a trained referee. When the whistle blows, race to the middle, grab the goods, and start firing!


We start with a game we like to call Swap: players are never actually out, they merely cross over to the other side and keep firing (with a penchant for eating brains, obviously). Built to introduce new players to the mechanics, this game gets everyone using the bows and arrows in the arena and ready for the real competition.

Then, we’ll take it to the next level: Team Deathmatch, Paladin, Jailbreak, Tribute… just to name a few. Based on what works for your group, we’ll choose the right games to optimize your experience and keep everyone engaged.

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