28 Unique Date Ideas In Cincinnati Other Than a Drink

Netflix and chill can be a cool date idea every once in a while, but that is no way to impress a new love interest. It also doesn’t do much to add variety to your current dating repertoire.

If you need some great date ideas in Cincinnati, we have you covered. Check out our featured list of fun and unique date ideas that are sure to impress even the most discerning date! 

Best Date Ideas in Cincinnati, Ohio

1. Have Dinner at the Boat House on the Ohio River

Dinner at the Boat House on the Ohio River
Image Credit: ohiostockphotography

If you are going to do a dinner date in the Queen City, do it right. The Boat House on the Ohio River is a restaurant by Montgomery Inn. The restaurant offers an amazing view of the Ohio River. 

Famous for outstanding BBQ and other classic meat dishes, Montgomery Inn has a beautiful interior. It lends itself well as the backdrop for a romantic dinner date.  The food is phenomenal and the river view gives you a great photo op.

Taking a date to the Boat House on the Ohio River is classic and timeless. It will leave you both with wonderful memories. 

2. See a Concert at The Andrew J Brady Music Center

Concert at The Andrew J Brady Music Center

There is something for everyone at The Andrew J Brady Music Center. The Andrew J Brady Music Center is a premiere state-of-the-art concert facility built in 2021. It hosts a vast array of diverse artists in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood.

Recent acts that have performed at The Andrew J Brady Music Center include Noah Kahan with Joy Oladokun, Goose, Parker McCollum, Elle King, Skillet, Theory of a Deadman, Key Glock, and Big Scarr.

There is an eclectic group of restaurants in the area. It would be easy to grab a bite to eat before or after a concert to extend a date that is going particularly well. 

3. Have a Fun Dessert at Rookwood Ice Cream Parlor

Fun Dessert at Rookwood Ice Cream Parlor

Part of the original Union Terminal, Rookwood Ice Cream Parlor started its life as a tea room. The current incarnation as an ice cream parlor still has the vintage art deco pottery tile. The restaurant is clean and stylish even if slightly worn.

They serve Graeter’s ice cream in what is one of the cutest and quaintest atmospheres. Patrons definitely come here for the fun and the good ole days ambiance.

A couple can step just outside for a lovely moment at the whispering fountain. This is a great opportunity for the most classic old-school date in Cincinnati ever! 

4. Play Archery Dodgeball at the Archery Arena

For a really unique activity, visit the Archery Arena. The Archery Arena takes games to the next level by reinventing a fun childhood game and fusing it with adult skills. If you want to spend your date laughing and playing, this is the right choice for you.

Archery Dodgeball uses the rules of dodgeball and replaces the ball with foam-tipped arrows launched from handheld bows. This game is a lot of fun, stokes competitive juices, and lets you get to know your date without a lot of pressure.

This activity lets all players have fun no matter their skill level. 

5. Try Your Luck at the Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati

Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati
Image Credit: hardrockcasinocincinnati

Come into Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati and see if your new love brings you luck at the gaming tables or perhaps poker. This casino houses 100,000 feet of the best slots and games in town. They have more than 1,600 slot machines.

Even if gambling isn’t your thing, there are still plenty of cool things to do at the casino. Check out some great entertainment, hang out at the Hard Rock Center Bar, or have a fantastic meal at Council Oak Steaks and Seafood, the best fine dining in Cincinnati. This is an exciting and elevated location for a date, even if you aren’t gaming. 

6. Attend a Wine Tasting at Revel OTR Urban Winery

Wine Tasting at Revel OTR Urban Winery

For a sophisticated night out that is still fresh and fun, visit Revel OTR Urban Winery. It is a boutique urban winery located in Over-The-Rhine. They make handcrafted small-batch wines.

When visiting Revel, they have a full bar and even offer a Revel Tasting. You can get a flight of three wines and try the taste of Revel yourself.

Their Cabernet Sauvignon won the Silver Medal at the 2020 Cincinnati International Wine Festival. They offer a great selection of other wines from Malbec to Black Sheep Red Blend Rouge. All of their wines are made onsite from premium ingredients sourced from all over the world. 

7. Celebrate Plants and Animals at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden
Image Credit: cincinnatimagazine

If your date loves animals or would enjoy the splendor of beautiful plants, bring them to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. They have lots to see, year-round, from babies in the spring to their Festival of Lights in the winter.

The zoo is home to almost 2,000 animals. The zoo offers unique exhibits and up close experiences with the animals. The botanical garden has over 3,000 plant species and is home to a butterfly garden, conifer garden, and community gardens.

Do make sure that you wear comfortable shoes for this one. There will be many places to rest and get refreshments along your way. 

8. Watch the Sunset from a Riverboat Cruise

Watch the Sunset from a Riverboat Cruise
Image Credit: getyourguide

Watching the sunset over the Ohio River from aboard a riverboat can be an incredibly romantic experience. If you are looking for a quiet but beautiful setting for your date, this is a good choice.

Take an Early Evening Sightseeing Cruise with BB Riverboats. You can reserve a table for dinner during the cruise and even customize special decorations, appetizers, and desserts.

For more of a get-to-know-you type of date, opt for a daytime cruise without including dinner. BB Riverboats offers several different themed cruises, choose what will best suit your date. 

9. Go Ghost Hunting in Cincinnati

Cincinnati Ghost Tour Pub Crawl
Image Credit: nightlyspirits

Would you and your date like to learn the unsettling stories from Cincinnati’s dark past? If so, check out Cincinnati Ghost Tour Pub Crawl.

Take a ghoulish tour starting at the oldest bar in town and exploring some of the creepiest and strangest bars and places in the area. The tour cost $28 per person and lasts about two and a half hours.

You will hear lots of ghost stories, legends, and tales. There will also be plenty of opportunities to purchase drinks along the way. 

10. See a Show at Improv Cincinnati at Clifton Comedy Theatre

Cincinnati at Clifton Comedy Theatre

For a date that is guaranteed to be filled with laughter, take in a show at Improv Cincinnati at Clifton Comedy Theatre. There are weekly comedy shows that will keep you laughing for hours.

If you are feeling brave, you can take an improv class together. It is a great way to get to know each other, break down barriers, and even make new memories. This is the kind of activity that really gets conversations going.

11. Explore the Riverfront

Smale Riverfront Park
Image Credit: sasaki

Smale Riverfront Park is quintessential Cincinnati. The Smale Riverfront Park is home to several historical monuments, water features, giant swings, and Carol Ann’s Carousel.

The park is also home to a long stretch of the Ohio River Trail which runs alongside the banks of the Ohio River. This is a terrific way to explore the area, get to know the local plants and animals, and see a great view of the river and the city.

Also look for events, concerts, and happenings as there is always something going on at Smale Riverfront Park. Don’t miss out on local events, many events that are held here are free.  

12. Learn How to Fly at iFLY Cincinnati

Learn How to Fly at iFLY Cincinnati
Image Credit: adventuremomblog

iFLY Cincinnati specializes in indoor skydiving. Make sure you have a partner with an adventurous spirit. Indoor skydiving can be loads of fun, but it isn’t for the faint of heart.

No matter your size, shape, or ability, iFLY’s wind tunnels promise to give you a fantastic, unique, and completely safe experience flying through the air. You receive a thorough orientation with a world-class flight instructor before your experience begins.

This is a super date because it will always stand out as an amazing experience and make your partner remember you forever. However, you may not have much time for getting to know each other while doing this activity. 

13. Take Cooking Classes Together at Tablespoon Cooking Co.

Cooking Classes Together at Tablespoon Cooking Co
Image Credit: edibleohiovalley

A good low-pressure date is to take cooking classes together at Tablespoon Cooking Co. This even works for a first date.

Professional chefs and culinary experts teach classes that are fun and educational. You might learn how to make a holiday dinner or learn what drinks you need to know how to make to serve a Happy Hour.

These cooking classes are designed to help you learn to cook good food and enjoy it. Bring a date and your appetite. 

14. Play a Round of Disc Golf at Mt. Airy

Play a Round of Disc Golf at Mt. Airy
Image Credit: thenatidiscgolf

Mt. Airy Forest Disc Golf Course is a pro-level course with challenging terrain. Although it is s pro-level course, even beginners can have a good time here.

Mt. Airy Forest Disc Golf Course provides an amazing escape into nature and allows you to play a game that is as competitive as you want it to be. Just as often as being in competition, players find themselves teaming up to find lost discs and bet obstacles.

Originally a nine-hole course that has been expanded to 20 holes. Beginners may wish to only play the front half of this demanding course. 

15. Go On a Guided Underground Walking Tour

Go On a Guided Underground Walking Tour
Image Credit: getyourguide

Find out what amazing secrets are beneath the surface of Cincinnati, Ohio. American Legacy Tours takes you on the Ultimate Queen City Underground Tour. The Ultimate Queen City Underground Tour showcases the history of the city and the riverfront area.

Visit the burial crypt of some of the city’s earliest residents and see how the underground helped the city’s brewery district to flourish.

The tour is a mile long and will take approximately two hours. There are lots of stairs. Wear comfortable shoes for this activity. American Legacy Tours also offers other themed tours in the Greater Cincinnati Area. 

16. See a Major League Baseball Game

See a Major League Baseball Game
Image Credit: ballparksofbaseball

The Cincinnati Reds play their home baseball games at Great American Ball Park. Great American Ball Park is located on the banks of the Ohio River in Downtown Cincinnati.

Visit Great American Ball Park to see a game, tour the stadium, or check out the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum. Reds Hall of Fame and Museum has memorabilia, interactive exhibits, and even an occasional appearance by a player.

This experience isn’t just for super fans, casual baseball watchers can enjoy a trip to the stadium and museum, too.

17.  Check Out the Nightlife at Energy Nightclub

Check Out the Nightlife at Energy Nightclub
Image Credit: discovercincinnati

Energy Nightclub is Cincinnati’s definitive nightclub experience. The club opened in 2015 and boasts over 20,000 square feet of space and a state-of-the-art concert style sound and lighting system.

Energy gives you the premiere nightclub environment while using the most up-to-date technology to guarantee safety and security. You and your date can socialize and dance the night away without a worry on your mind. 

18. Have a Couples Massage at 21C

Have a Couples Massage at 21C
Image Credit: local12

The 21C Hotel Museum Spa provides all of the pampering you need to leave the world behind and just enjoy each other for a little while.

A couples massage is one of the most luxurious and decadent ways that you can spend a date. The best part is that you will feel relaxed and refreshed at the end of your experience.

The spa also offers Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, facials, and a wide array of other services. The hotel has a lovely restaurant if you want to make plans for dinner after your massages.

19. Go Roller Skating at Sawyer Point

Go Roller Skating at Sawyer Point
Image Credit: cincinnatiparksfoundation

Relive the fun of childhood while making new memories together. Take your date to go roller skating at Sawyer Point, Cincinnati’s largest roller rink.

The rink is set up outside on the riverfront where you can feel the breeze coming off the water. This is the most fun you can have on a lovely afternoon.

After the weather turns cold, change your activity to going ice skating at Lazarus Skating Pavillion. It’s important to remember not to overdo it if you haven’t been skating in a while Safety should always be a top priority. 

20. Have a Nerf Battle at Dart Arena

Nerf Arena Cincinnati
Image Credit: Dart Arena

On the same theme of fond childhood memories, you can challenge your date to a Nerf battle at Dart ArenaDart Arena features a 3000 square foot arena specially designed as a Nerf Arena. 

It’s a team activity, so most likely you and your date will be battling some kids and parents! But Dart Arena uses the Nerf Rival series of blasters, making it great for adults as well. 


21. Have Dinner at the Incline Public House

Dinner at the Incline Public House
Image Credit: inclinepublichouse

The Incline Public House sits on the very spot that was once home to the Price Hill House Restaurant. It is named for the famous inclines that traveled to Price Hill in the 1870s.

The Incline Public House has a beautiful view of the vista from the top of the hill. The scenic views are outstanding and the delicious food is made from scratch.

The Incline Public House is the perfect setting for an elevated special date.

22. Watch an NFL Game at Paycor Stadium

Watch an NFL Game at Paycor Stadium
Image Credit: stadiumsofprofootball

Paycor Stadium is the home of the National Football League’s Cincinnati Bengals. The Team’s star quarterback Joe Burrow is originally from southwestern Ohio and once played football for the Ohio State University before transferring to Louisiana State University and winning a national championship.

Burrow is the stuff legends are made of taking the Bengals all the way to the Super Bowl before losing out. Come out and cheer the team on. See how far they can make it this season! After all, attending Beengal’s games could be your new tradition as a couple! 

23. Enjoy a Melodious Evening of Jazz at Schwartz’s Point Jazz and Acoustic Club

Enjoy a Melodious Evening of Jazz at Schwartz's Point Jazz and Acoustic Club

Schwartz’s Point is a euro-style jazz and acoustic club. The Point Club as it is often called provides a more intimate setting to enjoy creative music in the Queen City. Along with your date, you can also enjoy delicious cocktails, coffee house fare, and desserts.

The Point Club offers live Jazz on Friday and Saturday evenings as well as occasionally on Thursdays. Sunday nights at the club vary and may be anything from boogie woogie to blues to other interesting varieties of live music. If you love authentic live music and art, this is the place to bring your next date. 

24. See an Off-Broadway Show at Taft Theatre

See an Off-Broadway Show at Taft Theatre

Located in the Masonic Temple Building at Fifth and Sycamore streets, the Taft Theatre holds 2,500 guests and hosts shows, plays, and other entertainment.

One of the most fun things to do is take your date to see an Off-Broadway production at the Taft Theatre. These productions are the same show of the same quality that you would see on stage in New York City, except you don’t have to travel hundreds of miles away from home to see them. 

This is a great way to have a special night out with that someone special, especially if they are a lover of the arts.

25. Enjoy Natural Beauty at Embshoff Woods and Nature Preserve

Enjoy Natural Beauty at Embshoff Woods and Nature Preserve
Image Credit: greatparks

Cincinnati is a wonderful city, but sometimes living in the city makes you long for the great outdoors. If you and your date want to get out and enjoy some fresh air as well as explore in a natural environment, visit Embshoff Woods and Nature Preserve.

Embshoff Woods and Nature Preserve offers a 9-hole disc golf course and a one-mile fitness course. The trail is a scenic one-mile loop that only takes about a half an hour to complete. A visit to this park can be just the respite you and your outdoorsy date may need from city life. 

26 Have Drinks at Knox Joseph Distillery at the OTR StillHouse

Have Drinks at Knox Joseph Distillery at the OTR StillHouse

Knox Joseph Distillery at the OTR StillHouse is a watering hole like no other. They are the first distillery that opened in the Cincinnati area after the end of the prohibition era. They provide a wonderful atmosphere to have a drink as well as a great venue for entertainment.

Top this all off with their award-winning distillery, certified winery, and small craft brewery and you will find that they can offer the most magnificent spirits around.

This is an incredibly unique place to take a date and it is a complete leveling up of the bar taste and experience.

27. Beat an Escape Room at The Escape Game Cincinnati

Beat an Escape Room at The Escape Game Cincinnati
Image Credit: groupon

The Escape Game Cincinnati prides itself on providing epic escape rooms and game experiences that will leave everyone talking for months. 

Are you and your date ready to beat an epic escape room in just one hour? Will you master the course? 

There is only one way to find out! Bring your date and your best sleuthing skills and see if you can release yourself from one of these rooms in under an hour. 

28. Discover the Magic of the Oceans and Seas at Newport Aquarium

Discover the Magic of the Oceans and Seas at Newport Aquarium
Image Credit: bestofnky

See the rare, the thrilling, and the completely unique plants and creatures that inhabit the underwater parts of our world. Newport Aquarium offers amazing experiences like their first-in-the-world Shark Bridge and their new Shipwreck: Realm of the Eels exhibit.

From alligators to seahorses to penguins you will get to see all of the wildlife up close and develop a whole new appreciation for all nature has to offer. This is a fun and exciting way for a new couple to make memories.

You will find other activities and refreshments available at the aquarium. 

29. Visit the Garden of Eden

Visit the Garden of Eden
Image Credit: answersingenesis

Nicholas Longworth once called Krohn Conservatory his Garden of Eden. Krohn Conservatory has been open since 1933 and it serves as Cincinnati’s nationally-recognized indoor botanical garden.

Hundreds of thousands of people visit each year and many come to see the spectacular showing of butterflies. This is a lovely place to bring a date to discover why it was once called the Garden of Eden. 



3 Tips for the Perfect Date

Tips for the Perfect Date

Now that you know where to take your new love interest, here are three tips you need to follow to make sure your time out is a complete success.

  • Dress to Impress: When you look good, you feel good-so make sure you look your very best. You don’t want to spend the night worried about whether or not your date notices the stain on your shirt.
  • Plan Ahead: A well-planned date will be a successful date. Make sure you know where you are going and have everything you will need for your date before you go. You don’t want to be short of money or need to buy equipment once you arrive at a venue. 
  • Be Yourself and Have Fun: This really is the most important advice you can follow. If you want to have a good time and make a great impression, try not to be too uptight. Just relax, be yourself and go where the night takes you!