5 Unique Must-Do Teen Activities in Cincinnati

Some of the hottest (and most original) activities your teens will love in Cincinnati

Look, we get it:  Teenagers can be impossible to please.  One minute they want to hang out with their friends and the next they are shut in their room making TikTok videos and telling you to stay out of their lives.  Notoriously picky and occasionally hard to please, picking out an activity for teenagers can seem like an impossible task…

…until now.

Cincinnati has some of the most original, fun, and unique activities that teens actually love.  Here are five activities for teens in Cincinnati that they are guaranteed to love:

1) Learn to wake board at Wake Nation

Wake Nation Teen Activity

Sure, it might seem like your ordinary water park, but Wake Nation takes the traditional water rides and completely turns them on their head.  In addition to exhilarating wake board sessions, Wake Nation boasts a thrilling cable course, a rigorous aqua park, a killer super slide, and their signature wakeboard school – Wake Nation will thrill as they chill.


2) Bowl with footballs at Fowling Warehouse

Fowling Warehouse Teen Activity

Here are two words you might not have expected to be slammed together:  Football Bowling. 

Fowling Warehouse is the home of The Original Football Bowling Pin game.  Set in an industrial warehouse and adorned with a wide range of lanes to accommodate large groups, Fowling Warehouse offers wild games, absurd rules, (and a fully stocked bar for the adults in attendance).  Win, win, win!

3) Play archery dodgeball at Archery Arena

Archery Arena offers another odd combination of exciting thrill sports that your teen will love.  Melding the precision of archery with the intense battle of dodgeball, your teen will dip, dive, and dodge foam tipped arrows being hurled their way from their competition.  It is unique, exciting, and sure to keep the teens in your life begging for more.

Archery Arena also offers up Nerf action in the same arena, under the co-branded Dart Arena for those teens who aren’t quite ready to grow up. They provide a full range of Nerf Rival and Elite guns, and referee a whole mix of game modes.

4) Escape from The Escape Game

There is nothing quite like an escape room at The Escape Game to bring a group together, all while sparking a competitive nature and an inquisitive mind.  Teens will laugh, scream, and think their way through these escape rooms that range from easy to nightmarish.

5) Rock climb indoors at Mosaic Climbing

mosaic teen activityLet your teen climb to new heights with Mosaic Climbing.  With experts to help give them the advice they need and equipment available to rent, teens can challenge and encourage each other as they climb through the challenging courses.

Bonus: Play unlimited games at Arcade Legacy

Sure, not the most original teen activity, but Arcade Legacy is probably on of the most incredible arcades in the country – and it is located right here in Cincinnati.  Trends come and go, but arcades are always cool.


Teens can be hard to please, but deep down, they’re just looking for a unique experience to share with their friends.  Thankfully, Cincinnati has plenty of amazing options that will keep them occupied and keep everyone happy.