37 Things to do in Greater Cincinnati (From a Local)

Anyone who’s ever orchestrated an event or planned a get-together knows it isn’t always easy to find just the right thing to do. With varying costs, locations, weather conditions, travel time, and many other factors to account for, the task can be sometimes downright daunting.

We plan to help with that process by doing some of the field work for you ahead of time. In the following list you’ll find activities unique to winter, summer, and ones that are perfect year-round! Whether you enjoy high-octane adrenaline fueled fun, casual walks and/or hikes, educational outings, or anything in-between, this list will have samples of it all!

Some of the following activities may require advanced reservations or similar planning ahead while others may be as simple as showing up!

#1 – Archery Arena


If you’re interested in an hour of action and laughter and aren’t afraid of having sore thighs for a few days, then Archery Arena is your place to be! (Okay, okay, we know what you’re thinking. We said in no particular order but we may be a little biased with this first one. You caught us!) What you’ll do here is play a variety of different games designed around the basic gameplay of dodgeball but instead of chucking dodgeballs you’ll be launching foam tipped arrows! Within those variety of game types there is one constant: shoot your opponents and don’t get shot yourself!

Each session lasts an hour and includes all the necessary equipment and training required to shoot your friends with safety and skill! You don’t need any prior experience with a bow and arrow to join in on the fun! Whether it’s raining, snowing, or the hottest day of the year, our bows will be nocked and loaded and ready to fire!

This is the opportunity you’ve always wanted to crush your friends and family in some sweet friendly competition. And at the end of your hour all your newfound abilities will be put to the test to crown the Tribute Champion in our final game of Tribute, a title you get to boast about until your next visit and someone (maybe) beats you! And if you’re really feeling up for a challenge, ask us about our special “Boss Fight” gam

Looking to spend more than just an hour ? Archery Arena has party rooms that can be reserved to spend some time after gameplay to hang out and discuss the highlights of your hour. Feel free to bring in your own food and drink!

This activity is physical (running, diving, ducking, rolling) and there is an entry fee.

#2 – Perfect North Slopes

Perfect North Slopes is the perfect (ha) place for all types of winter fun! They have slopes for skiing and snowboarding, as well as slopes for tubing. If you’ve never been skiing or snowboarding, they offer lessons as well as rentals on any required equipment if you don’t have any of your own. If you have been, they have season passes that might be right up your alley to get the most bang for your buck.

If you are looking for something a little less involved/intense, they have an awesome set of two different height slopes for tubing. Get your tickets online to skip waiting in lines and get ready for some high-speed sledding! Just like with their skiing/snowboarding, they have rentals for all equipment from the tubes themselves to winter garb for warmth.

So whether you’re an experienced “winter-liver” or visiting from a sunny place, Perfect North Slopes has got you covered! Grab your snow gear or rent some of theirs and brave the cold outdoors for some wintery fun!

This is a physical activity (walking, skiing, snowboarding) and there are varying entry fees for each separate activity.

#3 – Loveland Castle

Europe isn’t the only place you can experience castles of yesteryear. Right here locally in Ohio you can take a self-guided tour through the Loveland Castle, a lovely little locale in Loveland. Part museum, part experience, the castle is filled with lore about its inception and original owner, Sir Harry Delos Andrews. In addition it also houses a nice garden on the castle grounds to explore and juts right up against the Little Miami River. You could stop for a swim in the same river some kayakers might be passing through to view the castle from the riverbank!

There is an entry fee and the physical interaction is minimal.

#4 – Mosaic Rock Climbing

Always wondered what it might be like to scale great mountains and cliffsides? Get ready to find out for yourself because Mosaic Climbing has got just what you need. From training to bouldering to rope climbing, they’re the perfect facility for all ages and experiences. Go and show off your upper body strength to your friends and family or laugh with them as you slip and fall repeatedly, in either case you’re bound to have fun with it! And don’t worry, if you’re not doing a rope climb, there are nice puffy pads to keep you safe! Otherwise there’s no way to fall in the first place.

mosaic teen activity

Bouldering is fun for all ages as you “freeclimb” up shorter heights without any rope or harnesses (this is where those thick puffy pads come into play) getting in your way. Rope climbing is done on a variety of higher walls with varying difficulties with a harness and either an auto-belay or belay-partner. Rope climbing is also just as accessible to all ages. They say “if you can climb a ladder, you can climb with us!”

Head over to Mosaic with advanced tickets or walk-in and get ready for an arm workout to remember! Sign up for a training lesson if you want to get serious or are nervous as a first time climber, or simply show up and climb your way to the top!

This is a physical activity (Rock climbing) and there is an entry fee.

#5 – Kings Island

Maybe pseudo-falling isn’t your thing. Perhaps you would rather feel your stomach lurch and scream your lungs sore on a series of heart-wrenching loops and dives! You’re in luck then! The Cincinnati area is home to an excellent coaster/theme park with King’s Island.

King’s Island has plenty of thrilling rides of various intensity levels. With corkscrews, loop-de-loops, and pure drops from dizzying heights, this place can satisfy what any thrill-seeker is looking for. And if you’ve got some not-so-thrill-seeker friends there are also many shows and less-intense rides for them to enjoy as well. But what about young ones you say? King’s Island has an award winning area specifically catered for children!

Grab a single day ticket or purchase a season pass for days on days of fun! For extra fun, give them a visit during their Halloween event or Winterfest event to see the park in a totally different way!

This is a physical activity (walking) and there is an entry fee.

#6 – Jungle Jim’s

Those that have been to Jungle Jim’s know why it deserves to be on this list. Those that haven’t are probably wondering why a grocery store is on a “Things to do” list, but don’t worry, we’ll try our best to enlighten you. Ultimately however, it is just something that must be experienced.

Jungle Jim’s is an exceptionally eccentric store that will meet and maybe exceed all your expectations. They have a little bit of everything, from cheese to olives (I mean seriously who knew so many types of olives existed!), to meats, to delicacies from other parts of the world. Have you ever wanted to try ostrich meat? How about snake? Perhaps some other exotic creature in mind? Curious what some candy or beverage from another country would taste like? Chances are Jungle Jim’s has got you covered!

Outside of their incredible stock of goods and explosively wide range of choices, the building itself stores many random delights. Just give their award winning (I’m not joking) restrooms a visit as an example. If you’ve been before you’ll know what this means, but if you haven’t you’ll just have to go and find out!

There is no entry fee but chances are you won’t leave empty-handed!

#7 – Loveland Canoe and Kayak

There are a host of kayaking, canoeing, and tubing businesses anywhere there is water to hold them. But Loveland Canoe and Kayak has got a special route that takes you right past the Loveland Castle! You can beach yourself and stop for a tour of the castle or just stay for a picnic on the beachfront near the castle. Either option leaves you with a memorable sight while kayaking!

Located in the downtown Loveland area, you’ll have a very cute and well-kept downtown to explore after your adventure on the river. From storefront shops to ice cream shops, there are plenty of lovely places to visit in this area.

Keep an eye out on the left side of the river while travelling for a few rope swings that might just give you an extra bout of splashy fun!

This activity is physical (paddling) and has an entry fee.

#8 – Cincinnati Art Museum

Our very own Cincinnati Art Museum can satisfy those seeking to fill their eyes with visions of beauty. With an expansive collection of over 67,000 works there’s a little something for everyone. Not to mention they also host many events and exhibitions throughout each year. (As an example, at the time of this article you could “adopt” and name a bee in a new honey bee program!)

Stop by whenever during their published business hours (it’s free!) or play your way into one of their events/exhibitions for something a little extra special.

This activity is minimally phsycial (walking) and there is no entry fee.

#9 – Ault Park

Ault Park is a fantastic area perfect for taking your dogs, kids, or yourself for a day out in the sun. It boasts a bounty of trees for guests to find shade under or even to setup some hammocks beneath, a large green field to toss a ball around in (with humans or doggos!), a central pavilion for a good overview while catching a breeze, and a variety of pathways into the woods surrounding the central space. There is also a scenic overlook and a small playground on the grounds.

Another reason this park is great is it has a lot of unique photo-op opportunities dispersed throughout. The stairs leading to the central pavilion, the top of the stone pavilion structure, various archways, benches, and patches of flowers, not to mention great climbing tress and some more “hidden” gems such as old overgrown train tracks

There is no entry fee and the activity depends on what you’re visiting for!

#10 – Dart Arena

Get ready to run, dodge, roll, and blast your way to victory at Dart Arena! Take the thrill and excitement of Nerf blasters at home and escalate it to another level with dedicated game modes and blasters you may have never used or even seen before! Have some favorites from home? Bring those in and join the fun!

At Dart Arena you’ll be sprinting back and forth taking cover from volleys of enemy fire while returning your own shots. Will you be a sniper that bunkers down and picks off anyone out in the open? Or maybe you’ll be a mad gunner and just obliterate anything that comes into view? Or maybe a master tactician, dashing from cover to cover and using your angles wisely to get sneaky shots off on people when they didn’t expect it! Find out your playstyle with an hour session here at Dart Arena.

All necessary equipment is provided from the blasters to the safety equipment to make sure we maximize fun with safety!

This is a physical activity (running) and there is an entry fee.

#11 – TopGolf

From experienced golfers to total amateurs that have never swung a golf club their entire lives, TopGolf can be fun for the entire spectrum. You can swing away just for the fun of being with your friends and family or challenge your group to a variety of mini-games they have programmed into their system for some more competitive play. Another unique and fun thing here is their insanely cool tracking they have on each golf ball hit. Not sure where your hit went exactly? Check your screen and watch a digital travel path to see how close (or not!) you got to your target.

Feel free to show up hungry and thirsty because TopGolf has a menu of food and drink to enjoy while you’re not the one currently taking their swings. Gather some people and go give it your all at TopGolf!

This activity is minimally physical and there is an entry fee.

#12 – Wake Nation Cincinnati

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought of wakeboarding as a beach or lake thing, not to mention you would need to know someone with a boat and all the proper equipment! But that doesn’t have to be the case at Wake Nation! They have an entire unique water park set up with overhead cable systems that run at different speeds to teach guests how to wakeboard. If you’re already experienced then you can up the speed and whip out the tricks to impress your friends.

#13 – Class Axe Throwing

Class Axe is an awesome dedicated axe throwing establishment just down the road from us here at Archery Arena. If you’ve never been axe throwing, it is a unique experience for sure. There’s something primal and entertaining about hurling axes and getting them to successfully lodge into wooden targets. The sound of the thunk and whooshing of the axe flying through the air are superb.

What’s more is it’s not just chucking axes at blocks of wood. There are mini-games thrown into the mix to give you targets to aim at, certain ways to earn extra points, and they have staff that teach you the basics and keep the hype up throughout your session at Class Axe.

Everything they do currently is reserved for just your group! No worries about sharing lanes with anyone you don’t wish to. Book a time online ahead of time to guarantee your time and become the lumber Jack or Jill of your dreams!

This activity is slightly physical and there is an entry fee.

#14 – Skydiving

Now technically skydiving can be done basically anywhere. But did you know Cincinnati is home to two skydiving centers? These are kind of stretching the “greater” in the “Greater Cincinnati Area,” but hey, they’re near enough for us. There is also another closer to the Dayton area called Skydive Green County, but we felt that was a little far to be officially within our region limits.

The first of the other two, Start Skydiving is located in Middletown and the second, Skydive Cincinnati is in Waynesville. Take your pick and I’m sure either would be more than happy to facilitate your ever-hungering desire to jump out of a perfectly good plane! After all, isn’t that what skydiving is?

Each have options for first-time jumpers and veteran skydivers alike. Go once to fulfill your inner adrenaline junkie, or go repeatedly to learn the ins and outs of skydiving and work your way towards higher levels of skydiving!

This activity is somewhat physical and there is an entry fee.

#15 – Urban Air

Remember being a kid and seeing a trampoline? You could’ve been in a three-piece suit and still you woulda gone and jumped. (Or if you’re like me, you’re still like that!) That’s primarily what Urban Air is all about! Each of their two Cincinnati locations has a portion dedicated to that entirely, from the floor to the walls you’ll find trampolines everywhere.

They’ve got more than just trampolines though. Each of their two locations, one in Hamilton and the other closer to Cincinnati itself, has it’s own collection of attractions. Some of those overlap with both having the same attractions, but not every single one overlaps. If you want to experience it all, you will have to visit both locations!

This activity is physical and there is an entry fee.

#16 – Winton Woods

Winton Woods is actually massive park. Other parks on this list feel big (or genuinely are big) but Winton Woods takes the cake with 2,555 acres of land to explore. The park hosts a wide range of activities, including hiking, a boathouse, horseback riding, TWO golf courses, an educational farm with live animals (and pony rides!), playgrounds, and a campground with multiple different options for use!

You might call this park a one-stop-shop deal, as it offers so many things all in one place. Come again and again as it will surely take you multiple visits to experience the breadth of the offerings here, or a very busy and fast paced day trip! Once you’ve had your fill, visit another one of these parks (or one of the many awesome parks in the greater Cincinnati area not listed here!) to continue your explorations!

There is a park pass (same annual pass mentioned later) and the physical activity is dependent on your interactions.

#17 – Defy Florence

Another trampoline park for those that might be south of the river and don’t like bridges, Defy Florence is an awesome location for jumpers of all ages. They’ve got a host of different activities to do, from trampolines, foam pits, and trick mats, to aerial silks, to an American Ninja Warrior type obstacle course!

This place is perfect for some general fun as well as if you’re looking to practice your flips and aerial tricks. Or maybe you’re looking to one-up your friends by accomplishing their obstacle course the fastest, that is if you can even get through each obstacle! Put yourself to the test and find out!

They offer a variety of ways to get involved, from standard admission tickets to memberships and many other options. One will surely be the right one for you! Book online or call to get yourself a date and time!

This activity is physical and there is an entry fee.

#18 – The Web

Of course, if you’re looking for more of a one-stop-shop kind of place, there are a variety of places that can offer just that. Whether it’s laser tag, arcade games, mini-bowling, putt-putt, or variations of VR tech, The Web is somewhere that has it all. Bring your friends and family for a flurry of different events!

One of their most interesting offerings (in our humble opinion) is their “Cliffhanger” augmented climbing wall. It is a small climbing wall with different AR overlays that allow games to be played while climbing the wall. You can test your speed tagging flying targets that shift locations on the wall or play ping-pong with a friend! Or you can test yourself by making your way through one of their laser-maze type scenarios, where you’ll have to climb and bend your way through projected shapes and tag markers to complete the level. It offers a fun way to get the blood pumping and the muscles worked out!

This activity has varying physical involvement and there is an entry fee.

#19 – Scene75

In addition to having laser tag, bowling, putt-putt, go-karts, and an arcade, the two experiences that make Scene75 stand out are their “Laser Maze” and “Chaos Room” multiplayer VR. Their laser maze will have you crawling, bending, and jumping around tripwire lasers as quick as you can without tripping them! The faster (and fewer lasers you hit) the better your score will be! Channel your inner Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible your way through!

Their other one-of-a-kind offering is their “Chaos Room” multiplayer VR. Here you’ll be able to play a game called “Tower Tag” where your objective is to blast opponent players while “swinging” from tower to tower to get new angles to strike down your enemies. It is a game not found in other VR locales and is easy to enter having never played VR before as movement is easy. Easily the coolest part is the physical tower that you’re able to grip and use in real life that mirrors the virtual world. You can hang and use the spire for cover, but not just virtually, in reality as well.

There is an entry fee and the physical activity is varied.

#20 – Main Event

At Main Event their experience that only they have is their “Gravity Ropes” course. Hanging above some of their arcade area is a ropes course that will have you traversing a variety of balance beams, bridges, nets, and thin ropes, testing your ability to handle heights and personal balance. Then once you’ve finished facing the heights in the ropes course, you can head back down to dive into all their other offerings.

They’ve got a myriad of other fun items ranging from putt-putt to rock climbing and even to karaoke! Sing your heart out, climb till you’ve exhausted all your arms can give, or experience what it feels like to be a Jedi in their Vader Immortal Lightsaber Dojo VR experience.

There is an entry fee and the physical activity is varied.

#21 – Castle Skateland

Let’s go back to another favorite childhood memory (or perhaps a favorite hobby in adulthood) and visit Castle Skateland! Here you’ll strap on some skates of your own or borrow a rental pair and hit the rink to glide your way to a night of fun! They have a host of different options on when to visit them whether it be for lessons, open skate times, private events/parties, or music themed nights such as oldies, top 100, and top 40!

They also sell skates and skating accessories/equipment, so if you’re looking to get serious or need to upgrade some outdated gear, they’ve got you covered there as well. Be sure to check their schedule before heading over! They are not open all day of every day, or they may have times blocked for lessons and similar events. Their website has all the necessary info. Find a time that works for you and skate the day away!

This activity is physical and there is an entry fee.

#22 – Land of Illusion

This is another one on the list that might be pushing the “greater” in “greater Cincinnati,” but it’s a unique locale that has a lot to offer! Located near Dayton in Middletown, Land of Illusion is primarily a “water park” consisting of dozens of inflatables atop water. Think childhood bounce houses and the TV show Wipeout smashed into one big attraction. In the summer you’ll be slipping and sliding your way through the “Adventure Zone” filled with aquatic twists on things such as monkey bars, rope climbs, and balance beams! The only thing you have to fear by falling is getting a little wet!

However, this isn’t all they have to offer. During the fall months they also transform the park from a summer dream to a Halloween nightmare. With haunted houses and haunted trails aplenty, they’ll have you screaming for mama long before the night is through. Test your resolve against murderous clowns, lost souls, psychopath doctors, and even your own fears themselves! Only open two months out of the whole year, you’ll want to plan your visit ahead of time!

And don’t worry, if fright and horror isn’t your thing, they have a wintery “Christmas Glow” season. Come see the park covered in all kinds of lights, either from the warmth of your car in a drive-thru style or in person wandering the premises. They also have a petting zoo and if Santa is your thing, he’ll stop for a visit a time or two!

This activity’s physical involvement varies and there is an entry fee.

#23 – Coney Island

Not sure you want something as (possibly) wild and free-reign as Land of Illusion? Coney Island sounds like it would fit your desires! A more “conventional” water park with water slides, pools, diving boards, and a brand new “Challenge Zone!” The Challenge Zone is an inflatable obstacle course above the water you’ll have to test yourself to see if you can make it all the way across. Like American Ninja Warrior but bouncy and with water!

Of course if you’re looking to have a more casual experience, they have pools you can wade in and a variety of water slide type activities. Coney Island is perfect for a nice summer getaway! They offer both daily tickets and season passes for guests and veterans alike.

This activity is physical and there is an entry fee.

#24 – Full Throttle

Whether you’re a racer, shooter, axe thrower, or VR enthusiast, Full Throttle has got it all. Give them a visit for one or multiple of their experiences over the course of a day or two or three! They have bundled passes and single passes to create your perfect mix of activities.

With their Go-karts you can finally satisfy your inner speed demon’s desires, or maybe you prefer to channel your inner Viking with their axe throwing lanes? If you’re feeling more modern you can snipe some noobs with paintballs in their indoor paintball arena or take it one step further and enter the future with their VR Omni Arena. Each activity is designed with safety and fun in mind and is guaranteed to bring about waves of smiles.

They also recently introduced a “Rage Room” which basically means you get suited up in protective gear and smash a bunch of breakable items. Perfect if you just need to let your primal side roar!

These activities are physical on a variety of levels and each has it’s own differing fee.

#25 – iFly

Have you always wanted to experience the thrill of skydiving without the feeling of your imminent plummeting towards a rocky earth? Then iFly is the place for you! Located in the Liberty Center area, they’ve got an awesome experience just waiting to be done by you and yours!

Throughout your session you will be briefed on flight signals and basics of how to stay steady while “flying” even before you head into the wind tunnel. Then when its your turn the instructor will take you in. You’ll feel the rush of wind buffeting against you as you levitate in place! If you’re a natural and are able to stay steady pretty quickly, you’ll begin to learn how to turn and rotate yourself while “flying.” Upon return visits you can improve your skills even further by being trained in more and more advanced maneuvers until you might just be able to dub yourself a pro!

What’s more is that this can be done by virtually anyone! Their Cincinnati location has no height requirement and ages “3-103,” as they say, can fly! Perfect for adventurer’s of any age!

This activity is slightly physical. If you can lie down flat, you can do this! More advanced technique may increase the physical exertion. There is an entry fee.

Not only do they offer this special kind of wake boarding but they also have a series of floating inflatables to traverse and bounce on, including a huge slide that launches guests into the waters below. They have a variety of ways you can visit them, from just seekers of random fun, birthday parties, camps, lessons, and more.

Visit their website today to learn more about how to get involved!

This activity is physical and there is an entry fee.

#26 – Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park

Fancy yourself a little bit of art but don’t want to confine yourself indoors? Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park is for you. This park is beautiful in its own right, but also has many various art installations found throughout its paths. From gardens to statues to myriad kinds of metal wrought monoliths, there is something here for for everyone. Beyond the great outdoors portions of the park, there are also a few indoor museums/facilities on the grounds as well.

Not so much into art? The park itself is still a great grounds to explore and take a walk in, with many paths and bridges to be found as you explore. Don’t much like walking? You can also rent a golf-cart to rapidly explore all there is to find!

This activity is slightly physical and there is an entry fee.

#26 – Krohn Conservatory

Located within Eden Park, the Krohn Conservatory offers a few different options to visit. First take a leisurely walk through the park itself and then visit the Conservatory to get a closer look at the thousands of different species of plants they house within. Each “House” contains its own kind of “biome,” like desert, palm, and orchids, and will offer a different feel as you explore each.

Depending on the time of year, they have some special offerings such as their seasonal floral space and their butterfly sanctuary. The butterfly sanctuary is a wondrous place to visit. Within the butterfly sanctuary you will wander through a space teeming with butterflies, fluttering all around you and resting on almost every surface. Maybe if you’re gentle and lucky enough one may even land on you and let you appreciate its subtle beauty.

The park itself does not have entry fees but the Conservatory may.

#27 – Highfield Discovery Garden

“This 12-acre garden is a delight for any age” as they say on their website listing here. While at first glance it may seem to have many elements catered to younger ages, it is still a very pretty locale to visit if you’ve never been before. The space is separated into different areas each with its own specialty, like frogs and toads, butterflies, and caterpillars.

The most noticeable attraction is the 20-foot tall “Discovery Tree” that acts as a nature themed playground. Even outside of this central area, there are plenty of other places for kids to explore as we mentioned above. Overall, it is a nice little area to wander through just because or a great place to take the kids out for a day of fun.

This activity is barely physical (walking) and there is an entry fee.

#28 – Newport Aquarium

The Newport Aquarium is a great local aquarium with a few new unique offerings as well! They’ve just added their “Shark Bridge,” a suspended rope-bridge over one of their shark exhibits that allows guests to walk directly above the open-air tank filled with sharks, rays, and all manner of fish below their feet! (Don’t worry, if you’d rather not get that close they have pathways that allow you to see everything without dangling above the shark tank.) Other more “interactive” exhibits they offer are their “Tidepool Touch” and “Shark Touch” where you’ll actually be able to lean over the edge of more shallow tanks to pet watery passersby, including sharks!

The aquarium holds many other exhibits containing jellyfish, eels, a variety of differing fish, alligators, octopus, penguins and much more. The octopus are our favorite creature here. They’re remarkably intelligent and fun animals, as well as kind of alien looking, which is always a boost for cool points.

The Newport Aquarium does not require advanced reservations per se, but tickets must be purchased online ahead of time and then an entry time is chosen for when you plan to visit. It is easy to print the tickets or or even have them scanned directly from your mobile device.

There is an entry fee and the activity (walking) is minimal.

#29 – Cincinnati Zoo

While you may not know this, our very own Cincinnati Zoo is famous! You may have seen videos in the past few years of baby hippos and baby giraffes being born and that was right here in Cincinnati! There were livestreams and the coming babies were highly anticipated. We remember back to the days when we could scarcely scroll through social media without seeing an article or a livestream shared all “ahhhhs” and “oooooos” about when the babies would come. Nowadays you can go see these babies for yourself and share that you got to see Fiona or Theo live!

Aside from those unique youngin’s to visit, the zoo contains all manner of creature, from elephants to giraffes, to lions, to meerkats, to all kinds of reptile, bird, insect, and so much more. They even have vampire bats, which are my personal favorite! Another favorite is their Galapagos Tortoises which you are able to get up close and personal with petting and feeding them. They’re absolutely adorable little moving boulders.

The zoo does require advanced ticket purchases for reservations, so this one requires a slight bit of foresight.

There is an entry fee and the activity (walking) is minimal.

#30 – American Sign Museum

Niche hobbies and interests can be found everywhere and about anything if you know where to look. Who ever thought signs and sign making would be something that would warrant its own museum! But the American Sign Museum finds its niche in just that. It is the largest public museum dedicated to signs in the entire United States!

Here you will find an absolute HOST of over 20,000 square feet of space for self-guided tours. The space is designed so you walk through the years of technology and design of sign making from past to present. They also have an audio tour that will offer deeper insights during your walkthrough.

Within the museum as well is Neonworks, a full-time workshop dedicated to crafting neon signs for businesses today! You may actually be able to see some real-time “tube-benders” in action!

This activity is minimally physical (walking) and there is an entry fee (advanced tickets required).

#31 – Sharon Woods

Sharon Woods has a ton to offer potential visitors. There’s a 35-acre lake for fishing and boating (they’ve got rowboats, motorboats, pontoon boats, conoes, kayaks, pedal boats, paddleboards and even an area for you to launch your own kayaks and canoes!) whether for leisure, fun, or fishing from the middle of the lake.

For guests that would rather stay away from the water there are a variety of hiking and biking trails of varying length throughout the park. Take a stroll through their beautiful forested paths and view small waterfalls and local wildlife scurry about around you. Once you’re finished on the water or on the trails, take a visit to their gift shop for some snacks and refreshments while the kids bounce around on their playgrounds.

All that and we didn’t even mention that Sharon Woods has a golf course too! One extra perk Sharon Woods has is that it is a great place to practice driving for new drivers without having to worry about too many other drivers around, depending on when you visit. I speak from experience!

There is a park pass required to enter (annual pass that offers access to many other parks as well) and the activity depends on your plans.

#32 – Dave and Buster’s

Most everyone has probably heard of Dave and Buster’s, so it is no surprise to be found on this list. We’ve got one in Springdale, north of Cincinnati, and Florence, just south of Cincinnati. Dave and Buster’s regularly host party events and also have many offerings for individual/smaller groups that make their way through their doors. Take a shot at a game of billiards or load up one of their arcade cards to test your hand at their variety of arcade game offerings. Find one you excel at and sweep in all kinds of winnings!

In addition to the above, Dave and Buster’s has two VR experiences that are only found at their locations! VR experiences are becoming more and more popular for their ability to take users into other worlds and really feel like they’re there for themselves, experiencing the scenery firsthand. At Dave and buster’s you can fight the forces of evil in a Terminator or Star Trek VR game and rise victorious or die trying!

There is an entry fee and the physical activity is minimal.

#33 – OMNI Fun Plex

The crazy thing about locations that have overlapping experiences is that they’re sometimes done different enough it can be considered a whole new experience, albeit with similarities. OMNI Fun Plex has axe throwing, bowling, laser tag, arcade games, VR, but they also have a trampoline park. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can hit a lot of experiences in one stop with these locations. Want to jump until you can’t feel your legs and then throw axes until your arms are sore? This is where you could do that.

Try out some of their VR games that you may not be able to find anywhere else at their “Hologate” virtual reality center. And of course, if VR isn’t your speed they have plenty of other offerings as mentioned above.

There is an entry fee and the physical activity is varied.

#34 – Summit Park

This park feels MASSIVE compared to other parks. Maybe it is just a matter of perception as its primary space is very wide and open, with less forest grounds than other parks on this list. But that does not detract from this park in the slightest. There are multiple large greens for picnics, frisbee, football, or simple sunbathing. They have a unique playground with fun playscapes that are heavily net based, instead of the usual plastic structured.

Summit Park also has a small pond for catch-and-release fishing, a small “water-play” area for kids, and long trails to walk, run, or bike down. And then perhaps the most unique feature of Summit Park is its 153ft tall observation tower. From the highest observation deck you’ll be able to see downtown Cincinnati, Kings Island’s Eiffel Tower, and much more!

There is no entry fee and activity depends on your involvement!

#35 – Harbin Park

Harbin Park is one of my family’s personal favorite parks. It is like many another park with playsets, swings, paths to walk/hike, trees for shade, and pavilions to picnic under. But for us what makes this park awesome is this giant hill in the center of the park. From it’s zenith you can catch cool breezes and see far into the distance. Once you’ve basked long enough, you can roll down the hill like a child in their state of ever-wonder. In the winter, it is an awesome local sledding hill where you’ll find many others sliding down with screams of excitement! Just watch out for patches of mud or ice-ramps built by others as they might catch you unawares and make for some bumpy crashes!

Throughout the park’s space there is a disc golf course for those that might have more “mature” hobbies than rolling down hills. Either way, this lesser known park offers great views and great fun for guests of all ages.

There is no entry fee and the activity is minimal.

#36 – The Aronoff Center

This local center for the performing arts hosts a wide range of shows and events to experience for all kinds of interests. From comedy to music to ballet to dramatic plays and even cooking shows! Essentially no matter your interest, they will likely have an event for you.

This is one of the more “requires pre-planning” items on this list, as you will need to purchase tickets in advance to secure seats at these events. Depending on the popularity of your chosen event you may need to purchase tickets well in advance.

There is an entry fee (tickets) and there is no phsyical interaction.

#37 – Holiday Auto Theatre

Live shows aren’t quite your thing? You prefer film and cinematography but the traditional movie-going experience isn’t your style? You’d rather never have to leave your vehicle and even get to stay in pajamas? Holiday Auto Theatre is for you!

This drive-in movie theatre hosts showings of new and old movies alike with ticket prices of the good ol’ days alone! Feel free to peruse their snack bar for goodies and beverages during your showing or bring in your own food for a small fee. Grab some friends, a loved one, or just treat yourself to an experience of yesteryear that still rocks and find a showing soon.

There is an entry fee and there is no physical interaction.